How to write a good university essay

How to write a good university essay

Essay writing is easy. Right? Well, not really. There are high standards in university writing that are sometimes difficult to achieve, and despite all the pressure and fear of falling behind, knowing where to start can be challenging. We have a little guide to help you get better at writing university papers if you are studying abroad.

Looking for a compass

So, you have to write a real essay from scratch for your strict professor, and you may feel intimidated even thinking about it. Do not panic.

Read the instructions

Usually, when students see paper instructions, they feel the need to think immediately and get lost in the long list of requirements. Do not do that; start slowly. Review the entire page or instruction pages and get a general idea of ​​how long it might take you to figure out what’s going on.

If you need a lot of time, go and have a cup of coffee. First, study the main idea of ​​the article. How many pages do you need to write? What should you do? Does your professor want you to persuade, reflect, analyze, summarize, or present information?

Once you have mastered the main idea, you can delve into the details. Don’t worry and think about it without emotion; be objective. When you remember the whole picture, you will feel more comfortable with the thought.

Consult with your professors

Your advisor can offer to help if you have questions. Your teacher is a leading college specialist whom you can trust, so you can turn to him for help. Don’t ask questions like “What should I do?” or “How to write an essay?”. Ask smart and specific questions, and don’t be shy about admitting you don’t know something.

If you decide to write an article, get inspired and gather the information you need to understand what you should be doing. Ask your colleagues or university professors to share good examples with you, or search the Internet for them. However, there is a risk that you will receive something of poor quality.

Many companies provide custom writing services like  Assignment Help Birmingham and have extensive experience working with different clients. They will be more than happy to help you buy a sample assignment that you can consult.


Most essays start to intimidate students when it comes to structuring the work. If you have no idea about the structure of the work, this section will be useful to you.

general facts

Each essay consists of an introduction, main paragraphs and a conclusion. The introduction and conclusion should not be too long: about 10% of the article is fine. The golden rule is to devote one paragraph to one topic. This way, your letter will be well organized. Just take a piece of paper and jot down a short outline with an introduction, conclusion, and the main topics you want to discuss.

Paragraph structure

Your instructions already mentioned the number of words, so you can count how much information you wrote in each paragraph. Allocate the number of words for the introduction and conclusion, and leave the rest for the main paragraphs. Then divide the number of words by the number of sections and you’ll get the approximate number of words in a paragraph so they look relatively the same.

Thematic offer

Each paragraph has a topic sentence that tells the reader its main idea. The following sentences should show the author’s idea and support the statement.

Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is one of the most important features of your paper because it answers the question asked by the author. However, many writers find it really difficult to make this sound convincing. Write a thesis when you have already done everything else.

For example, if you were writing about global warming, say something like this: “The main causes of global warming are the burning of fossil fuels, overpopulation, and agriculture.” However, do not write as if you are going to give an answer only in the newspaper. Submit it in your thesis.

Introduction and Conclusion

The introduction should lead your reader to the issue you are about to present, and the conclusion should summarize the arguments already put forward and allow the reader to understand why the issue is important.

They usually don’t have quotes or new information. However, the introduction may have a hook to grab the reader’s attention.

Select sources

Support is a central aspect of your writing because it makes your article credible and trustworthy. Every good writer gathers information before formulating an argument. The worst thing you can do is form an opinion about something and not find any evidence. So, start by looking for information on the Internet or in the university library.

Scientific sources

  • Peer-reviewed articles
  • Books published by universities or official organizations
  • Sites with trusted domains

Remember: always keep your essay completely original. You can use information from sources, but paraphrase and quote someone else’s material. Many free, peer-reviewed research papers can be found online.

Google Scholar is one of the frequently used sources for finding journal articles. You can also rely on some paid sources like Assignment Homework. If your instructions require you to use the university library, be sure to obtain all information to access it.

When writing a review of your article, your professor will probably pay a lot of attention to the language. There is a significant difference between formal and informal vocabulary, and many people who are not familiar with academic writing make common mistakes. So what are the basics?

  • Be objective. Always be impartial and try not to influence the reader’s emotions.
  • Don’t use contractions.Using abbreviations is the norm in informal writing, but formal writing requires using the full form of your words.
  • Impartial language.Don’t use words that might show any prejudice and always refer to people without gender language.
  • Avoid emotional language.In an academic style, most writers try not to sound overly emotional, except for reflective essays.
  • Avoid too simple words. An oversimplification sounds too informal, especially for a university student.

Are you ready now

Now you know how to write the best essays and better understand what you are doing. Be sure to plan ahead and use this simple list to make it easier for you to write at university. When studying abroad, remember: the more you write, the better your texts become.MyReadingManga

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